Collection of prints by famed artist Lee Roberson


Have you ever looked out your window and been awestruck by the image you saw? Have you viewed a sunset or a new snow fall and thought “What an amazing picture of beauty?”  Do you find peace in the beckoning call of a back-woods country road in autumn or the nostalgia of an old home place.

Now you can bring these images into your home! Available for sale is our collection of both limited edition and open edition prints by Lee Roberson reknown artist of the Great Smokey Mountain area. 

Single prints as well as complete sets of prints by famed artist Lee Roberson are available.

If you are looking for a specific Lee Roberson print …..check out VanLu Studios or contact us.

Comments on: "Home" (16)

  1. I have a 1996 print named ‘The Great Smokies’ by Lee Roberson valued at $150. Sorry I’m not familiar with any of his posters.

  2. Kathy Taylor said:

    I am looking for the Lee Roberson print Amazing Grace. Please email me back if you still have this print available.

    • Kathy
      I actually have 3 Artist Proofs of Robertson’s Amazing Grace. One is, of course, signed and is number 32/50 and I am asking $300 for that one. The other two are 797/1000 and 978/1000, both Artist Proofs and I’m asking $200 each. They are 16″ x 24″.

      Let me know if you have further questions or if you’d like to purchase. Thank you for your interest!

      Karen Ann

  3. Penney Coley said:

    I have a print of Spirit of Misty. I cannot find anything about it. Was wondering if that was his daughter and what it may be worth.

  4. Shirley Hamilton said:

    I’m interested in “In You Dreams”. Do you know how I can get a copy?

  5. Julie coakley said:

    I am looking for how abt them apples

  6. I’m looking for Misty Blue 1990. Do you have it?

  7. Robert Callaway said:

    I have a “GENERAL STORE” print 176/1000 that was custom with the name “CALLAWAY GENERAL STORE”. Only one of its kind. Could you tell an estimated value?

    • I’m not familiar with a Lee Roberson printed called “General Store”….. although there are several other prints with a country store theme. I doubt yours is a one of a kind as it has the numbers 176/1000 on it. Those numbers indicate it is print #176 out of 1000 prints produced.

    • Ah wait…..Callaway is your last name. That means the print was done specially for your name. This was a service Lee provided once upon a time. I have a print of a church with my husband and my name announcing our wedding. So your print would only be valuable to you.

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