Collection of prints by famed artist Lee Roberson


Have you ever looked out your window and been awestruck by the image you saw? Have you viewed a sunset or a new snow fall and thought “What an amazing picture of beauty?”  Do you find peace in the beckoning call of a back-woods country road in autumn or the nostalgia of an old home place.

Now you can bring these images into your home! Available for sale is our collection of both limited edition and open edition prints by Lee Roberson reknown artist of the Great Smokey Mountain area. 

Single prints as well as complete sets of prints by famed artist Lee Roberson are available.

If you are looking for a specific Lee Roberson print … us.



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  1. I have a 1996 print named ‘The Great Smokies’ by Lee Roberson valued at $150. Sorry I’m not familiar with any of his posters.

  2. Kathy Taylor said:

    I am looking for the Lee Roberson print Amazing Grace. Please email me back if you still have this print available.

    • Kathy
      I actually have 3 Artist Proofs of Robertson’s Amazing Grace. One is, of course, signed and is number 32/50 and I am asking $300 for that one. The other two are 797/1000 and 978/1000, both Artist Proofs and I’m asking $200 each. They are 16″ x 24″.

      Let me know if you have further questions or if you’d like to purchase. Thank you for your interest!

      Karen Ann

  3. Penney Coley said:

    I have a print of Spirit of Misty. I cannot find anything about it. Was wondering if that was his daughter and what it may be worth.

  4. Shirley Hamilton said:

    I’m interested in “In You Dreams”. Do you know how I can get a copy?

  5. Julie coakley said:

    I am looking for how abt them apples

  6. I’m looking for Misty Blue 1990. Do you have it?

  7. Robert Callaway said:

    I have a “GENERAL STORE” print 176/1000 that was custom with the name “CALLAWAY GENERAL STORE”. Only one of its kind. Could you tell an estimated value?

    • I’m not familiar with a Lee Roberson printed called “General Store”….. although there are several other prints with a country store theme. I doubt yours is a one of a kind as it has the numbers 176/1000 on it. Those numbers indicate it is print #176 out of 1000 prints produced.

    • Ah wait…..Callaway is your last name. That means the print was done specially for your name. This was a service Lee provided once upon a time. I have a print of a church with my husband and my name announcing our wedding. So your print would only be valuable to you.

  8. I have a framed print 158/1140 of a buck and doe at a stream dated 1978. Can you tell me the name and value?

    • If this is an original print there would be a name of the print written on it along with Lee’s signature.

    • I have this same print in original frame, #676/1000, that I bought from an estate sale years ago, and can’t find any info on it either. He wrote his name in print form, not cursive like in his later prints and it took me a while to find his signature and the print number (it is almost hidden within a rock). Have you had any other luck finding info on it? I also purchased “Last Light” # 958/1000 at the same estate sale. Please share any info you might have. By the way, I feel very confident that it is an original.

      • I’m not sure what print you are referring to? And I am not familiar with Last Light. I can tell you that those prints are numbers 676 out of 1000 and 958 out of a 1000. That means there are 1000 of each out in the world. These were part of a subscription program that Lee and a local gallery offered years ago.

  9. Darla Millet said:

    I have purchased 3 of Mr robersons prints today they are matted and framed 2 small ones approx 4×7 one is a cabin and barn /snow moon over the barn and a stream 2seer one standing the other is similar only no moon or stream a snow covered tree to the right of the cabin rail fence to the left evergreens in the back ground.then an 8×10 same cabin and barn as first smaller print and there is a bridge on the right and what appears to be a spring house no deer…these are all signed in the green matting in white.Do you have any idea the names of these and what they may be worth…I love pics of the Smokies but knew nothing of Mr Roberson until I figured out his signature and googled it I AM SO EXCITED to own these prints…thanks for any help…

    • Typically Roberson places the name of the print above his signature. Why didn’t the original owner or store provide the names? Are you sure they are originals? There is no way for me to guess the names of these prints because what you describe pretty much matches 100’s of his prints.

  10. Do you have signed, numbered print for Lee Roberson’s The Habitat?

  11. Wesley willbanks said:

    I have a print by Lee Roberson of a bird and Maxwell house coffee can singed by Lee Roberson. It’s numbered 383 and has the words bed and breakfast on it what it worth

  12. Tina Warren said:

    Dou you have the print ‘Nightfall’ by Lee Roberson?

  13. Danny Yerby said:

    We have several 1/1000 Lee Roberson prints. Does the 1/1000 carry more value than say 500/1000? What print is in highest demand? thanks for this site.

    • A print that is numbered 1/1000 is slightly more valuable than 500/1000…..however the print’s value is ultimately whatever someone will pay for it. You can set a base value on what you paid for the print originally.

  14. Danny Yerby said:

    I’m sorry, in previous post I talked about 1/1000, but our prints are 1/50 artist prints. Would this make any difference? Thanks.

  15. I’m interested in finding the perfect Christmas gift for my mom. Was a Lee Roberson coffee table book ever created? If not the next best thing would be a nice winter scene would be my next pick.

    • Sorry I’m not familiar with any coffee table books by Lee Roberson. I do have many wonderful winter scenes. If you would like I could take some pictures of a few samples and send them to you along with the size and price.

  16. scott reyst said:

    I have a framed print Wild Heritage
    What is it worth

  17. heidi kowal said:

    Hi. I have a Lee Roberson signed print (I think it’s a print) called Thunderhead 1995. (It was also signed again by him at his gallery when I purchased it). It looks like it’s done on canvas not on paper. Is this a print and do you have any other pieces done this way? All I seem to find are prints done on paper. Thank you.

  18. robert poole said:

    I have a painting by lee would like to know its value

    • For a fee of $12 I will provide you with an estimated appraisal. Email directly to me the title, numbers, signed or not, condition and a picture. Pay the $12 fee through PayPal with print name of “Appraisal” and I will email you my estimate.

  19. Hi. We just “inherited” a Lee Robertson print. It is titled The Habitat” and below his name, it says artist print 24/25. I am not familiar with Roberson’s work, but what I have now seen is beautiful. Could you tell me what the aforementioned print might be worth? Thanks!

    • Terri
      I sold my The Habitat print, which was not an artist proof (2441/2500), back in 2014 for $200. Thank you for your interest and let me know if you wish to purchase any additional prints. They are all so beautiful it’s sometimes hard to choose!

    • For a fee of $12 per print I will provide you with an estimated appraisal. Email directly to me the title, numbers, signed or not, condition and a picture. Pay the $12 fee through PayPal on this website with print name of “Appraisal” and I will email you my estimate.

  20. Linda Frosch said:

    I have several artists proofs numbered 17/50 by Lee Roberson. I would like to sell all & really don’t know how to go about it. Would you have any suggestions.

    • For a fee of $12 per print I will provide you with an estimated appraisal. Email directly to me the title, numbers, signed or not, condition and a picture. Pay the $12 fee through PayPal om this website using the print name of “Appraisal” and I will email you my estimate.

  21. linda monroe said:

    i have prints from the beginning(he and Dolores) and the prints are 15/1000 and signed.I need to know how much they are worth for insurance. how do i find out?

    • For a fee of $12 per print I will provide you with an estimated appraisal. Email directly to me the title, numbers, signed or not, condition and a picture. Pay the $12 fee through PayPal with print name of “Appraisal” and I will email you my estimate.

  22. Dewayne Smith said:

    I just received the painting “sparkling tree” and was told it was an original painting and that no prints were made of this painting. Can you tell me the value and if it’s true that no prints were made? Thank you

    • Sorry I’ve never heard of this painting so cannot provide any information.

      • Isn’t “Sparking Tree” a print of a tree with a heart carved in it that can have initials put in it. If this is the print you are talking about, then this is a print that can be personalized to the owner preference. This is not a limited edition print and is a open edition print.

      • Dewayne smith said:

        Rose, yes it has a heart on the tree but it is nothing wrote in the heart.

  23. Mary Kazmierczak said:

    I have 22 signed &numbered prints. Perfect condition. 1999-2002

  24. Rebecca said:

    Do you have the print “Harmony”?

  25. I am visiting the Gatlinburg area this weekend and have several prints that I would like to sell. Do you have a suggestion on who would be interested in purchasing them?

  26. Carolyn Snavely said:

    I am interested in buying the Cades Cove 4 seasons and others. Is there a list of all available?

    • Check out the pages titled “Additional Prints” on this site. I’ve sold many of these prints but the list is mostly complete. I do not have a “Cades Cove 4 Seasons” print. Is there anything else in particular you are looking for?

  27. Do you have Nearly Home?

  28. Cheryl Morgan said:

    Looking for a print where he hid animals in the forest picture.

  29. What does it mean when it has the words Artist Proof written below his signature.

    • An artist’s proof is an impression of a print taken in the printmaking process to see the current printing state of a plate while the plate is being worked on by the artist. Artist’s proofs are signed “A/P” or “Artist’s Proof” and may or may not be numbered with the serial number of that portion of the edition. Artist’s proofs are generally considered a status symbol in the world of art collecting. And their resale value is proportionally higher than the numbered editions.

  30. Steven Abernathy said:

    Looking for the habitat print. Do you have one? If so how much.

  31. Paula Light said:

    I have found a Prom-Print of Frosty Dawn, what is this exactly and what value if any does it have?

  32. I am in search for one of the special club prints it was of daisy in a mason jar or coke bottle. Please help!

  33. Mrs Fowler said:

    Looking for Dogwood in the fog

  34. Stacey Vandergriff said:

    Interested in print with Maxwell coffee can and I believe has a bird also?

    • Yes it is titled “Grandpa”s Workshop” and has the maxwell can and a cat at the doorway. There is also a red CocaCola sign on the wall. I have a numbered print for $150 and an artist proof for $200.

  35. Tina Warren said:

    Do you have a copy of The Sparkin Tree by Lee Roberson? Thanks.

    • I’m not familiar with this print. However, artist proof means it was created to print all the other numbered prints. It is a higher quality print and more beautiful that just signed/numbered prints.

  36. Is the AP of the Sparking Tree #’d an original. Where do I find the history of this hay print. Thank you

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